Where a professionally equipped recording facility is required, ArtformAudio has a commercial relationship with Salt Studios in Brighton, Melbourne. Equipped with a healthy collection of industry standard outboard gear, microphones and monitoring, and a recently refurbished Amek Hendrix console, the facility is perfect for most studio recording, voice overs and mixing projects. Contact for rates.

Promotional video for tap guitar virtuoso Chris Tamwoy, recorded and mixed by ArtformAudio

Adam is also the house engineer for recording projects booked at Kindred Studios in Yarraville. With an industry standard microphone collection the signal path includes a Toft ATB32 analog console with British EQ, DBX and Presonus compression and Avid HD IO into Pro Tools 11 HD. This studio is more budget friendly and accessible, perfect for recording projects and mixing.

At ArtformAudio we understand that a professional studio can often be an intimidating environment and outside of many artists’ budget. To cater for this we have developed a mobile recording rig. Providing up to 16 simultaneous 24bit/96kHz inputs and equipped with an SSL Alpha Channel, two channels of Focusrite Liquid preamps and outboard compression from Overstayer Audio and Focusrite, our mobile recording rig offers multiple headphone sends, tracks direct to Pro Tools or Logic Pro, and makes no compromise on audio fidelity. We can work with you to find a suitable recording venue (Town Halls in a quiet part of town are awesome!) and we record on-site. This can significantly reduce the cost of recording while maintaining industry standard signal paths.

A selection of recent projects below, hit the Soundcloud link below for more.

Contact for rates, most budgets can be accommodated.

Liv Cartledge demo, recorded and mixed by Artformaudio

Produced and mixed by ArtformAudio