Want to record your next gig? Looking for more musical content to publish and release online? 

ArtformAudio’s mobile recording rig is perfect for tracking live gigs or recording demo's in a location of your choice. 16 simultaneous 24bit/96kHz input with option to expand to 24 inputs, preamps and dynamics from SSL, Focusrite and Overstayer Audio.

Where possible, we work with the venues live sound engineer to take direct outs from the FOH mix and track direct into Pro Tools. Alternatively, a transformer balanced mic splitter can be setup and the signal tracked direct to our mobile rig without going through the FOH system. Pristine audio quality and optimised gain staging guaranteed! Once mixed these live recordings often end up sounding studio grade and can be great promotional material for booking gigs, posting on Soundcloud or offering as downloads for fans.

Check out some of our live recordings below. Contact for rates, most budgets can be accommodated!

Jazz vocalist Lauren Henderson and band, tracked live and mixed by ArtformAudio

Singer songwriter Ciaram Granger tracked live and mixed by ArtformAudio