ArtformAudio is a full service audio and sound production agency in Melbourne, Australia,

                              covering all aspects of music production including studio recording, co-writing, mixing and sound design. 

We combine years of experience with cutting edge tools and an experimental flair

to deliver quality, customised, professional audio outcomes.                    

Sonically Oriented/Aurally Inclined

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Die 4 This by THE CLIPPING PNT, produced, recorded and mixed by ArtformAudio

Music Production - Melbourne

Professional Memberships

AES - Audio Engineering Society
AMPS - Australian Music Psychology Society
APRA - Australian Performing Rights Association

Commercial Partners

Kindred Studios
Artificial Studios

Singapore Karting Championship title sequence, sound design and composition by ArtformAudio

SKC TV Title Sequence from ArtformAudio on Vimeo.


About Me

ArtformAudio is the brainchild of Adam Rignall and the culmination of over 10 years’ experience as an audio engineer, sound designer, composer and pro audio technician.